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    Welcome! Gnaraloo is a rustic oasis nestled along the Coral Coast where the desert meets the sea.
  • Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo...
    Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo... and discover something new!
  • Stay Wild
    Stay Wild Sitting high on an escarpment, with panoramic views of the dunes and the beautiful Indian Ocean, is Gnaraloo Homestead.
  • Gnaraloo bay
    Gnaraloo bay Clean and clear, provides a great day at the beach, swim, snorkel and relax!
  • Conservation
    Conservation We are dedicated to keeping our environment beautiful and protecting the sea turtle populations on our shores.
  • 3  mile Camp
    3 mile Camp Campsite is located right on the beach with excellant snorkeling, just round the corner is the famous tomebstone surf spot
  • Surfing
    Surfing Ningaloo reef we have some of the best and longest waves!
  • Gnaraloo Bay
    Gnaraloo Bay What a great spot for some beach time, , excellant coral and beautiful beach!

Fast facts about humpback

Class: Marine mammal.
Protection status: Endangered.
Life expectancy: 45 - 50 years.
Size: On average,14.6m long (males) and 18m long weighing up to 45 tonne (females).
Diet: Up to 1 tonne of food a day, including krill and other tiny animals such as a variety of small fish.
Life cycle: Maturity is reached at about 11.4m long (from 4 - 10 years).
Reproduction: Females calve once every 3 years, after a pregnancy of about 12 months.
Calves: A newborn calf is about 4.5m long and can weigh 1.5 tonne. When it is weaned at 11 months, it can be up to 9m long.


Support the program

You can support the conservation initiatives of "the Gnaraloo Station Trust" by spending your next holiday at Gnaraloo, as a percentage of all Gnaraloo’s income funds these initiatives to ensure their operation and continuation.

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