You don't get email addresses, you don't know where they came from, and you don't know what they searched for to find your shop. Set your own prices for each of our available print sizes, and when a buyer places an order, we take care of everything for you, including: printing, framing, matting, stretching, packaging, shipping, insuring, processing credit cards, dealing with your customers, and sending you your profits each month! Make it one of yours! We have an iOS app and an Android app which allow buyers to browse through your images... customize them with mats and frames... and then preview the finished artwork hanging on their own walls using their mobile device's built-in camera! Share like crazy. When you post artwork for sale, it can take months for search engines to pick up your entry. There is simply no easier way to keep your friends, family, art collectors, and colleagues up-to-date regarding your recent uploads and activity. I also add my name in case someone is looking for my photos, specifically. The truth is, if you're an artist, there is no customer service. Overall, my experience with the site has been exceptional. You have to see this to believe it. We're the largest art site in the world, and we've been helping artists sell prints, home decor, apparel, and other products since 2006. 1,093 reviews for FineArtAmerica, 4.7 stars: 'During Covid I ordered more on line, than ever before, so I can attest my very best experience was with FineArtAmerica. Hundreds of products. Our greeting cards are print 110 lb. You can upload an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to Fine Art America and then e-mail all of them directly from control panel in a matter of seconds. Using your Fine Art America control panel, you can create customized HTML e-mails in minutes which you can then send to your friends, family, art colllectors, business acquaintances, and more! Which brings me to my next tip. Thinking I was doing everything possible, later to find out I should have been doing so much more! All clothing products ship from one of our global production facilities within 1 - 2 business days. There are approximately 50 active contests on our website on any given day awarding prizes ranging from a simple "Congratulations!" I've been selling open edition prints on FAA for a few years.. 30$ a year for a print account is worth it. First I had to figure out that artwork doesn’t sell itself and there are thousands of other artists wanting to sell … All greeting cards ship within 48 hours and include white envelopes for mailing and gift-giving. As soon as it arrives, we'll issue a full refund for the entire purchase price. So, for the fun of it, I wanted to give you a tour to Fine Art America, in case you are an artist wanting to sell your art. Fine Art America has the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 14 fulfillment centers in 5 countries. Fine Art America is the premier online marketplace for buying and selling original art, prints, home decor, apparel, and more. Best of all... everything that you upload to your website also gets uploaded to Fine Art America and vice versa. Their premium features cost $30 a year which is totally affordable. All phone cases ship out within 1 - 2 business days of your order date, and each case comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Fine Art America is the largest custom framing company in the world. The shopping cart is 100% mobile responsive and displays perfectly on laptops, iPads, iPhones, Galaxy tablets, etc. They have fulfillment centers all over the world so orders aren't limited to the US., a company, is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling wall art, home decor, greeting cards, and more! Fine Art America has transformed the online art industry with the largest digital art marketplace in the world. We have groups dedicated to art, photography, graphic design, print-on-demand technologies, and the ever-present topic of 'how to sell online'. 142K likes. GBP (£) And the 15th of the month I get my money via PayPal. Simply copy and paste a small piece of our FAA code onto any website, and our shopping cart system will instantly appear on the site. For those members who are interested in receiving greater exposure and additional sales opportunities, FAA offers a set of premium features for $30 / year (total). Reply. Each time you upload an image to Fine Art America, our technology automatically creates a PDF sales brochure for you. No one is going to pay me a million dollars for my painting of a melting clock. Whatever you set as your markup... that's exactly how much you'll earn on the sale. People generally buy fine art photography because of the mind that created it. There's simply no better feedback than the feedback you'll get from other professional artists and photographers! We have an events calendar which you can use to promote your upcoming personal appearances and events (e.g. Each person on your list will receive an e-mail from your personal e-mail address (e.g. The people via computer at least have been attentive, knowledgeable and the service is close to impeccable. Fine Art America is one of the largest e-commerce clothing retailers in the world. You can include your images from your website. Global fulfillment. Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling. The app's search engine allows buyers to search through your images based on keywords, titles, colors, sizes, orientation, galleries, and more! These people rake in the art sales while other artists idly sit by and wonder how do they do it. They also have the same kind of thing for Facebook. Just imagine being able to show a prospective buyer exactly what one of your prints looks like... to scale... on their own wall! With just a few clicks, you can open an account, upload your images, select the products that you want to sell, set your prices, and begin selling to millions of buyers all over the world. Cards may be purchased as single cards, packs of 10, or packs of 25. At any time, you can login to your control panel and view comprehensive data regarding your visitors. I start with the obvious such as what the image is and then I narrow it down by adding location, emotions, colors, themes, types of decor that it might be good for, etc. If you post regular blogs on the topic of "landscape paintings", for example, Google will eventually realize that your a painter focused on landscape paintings... and over time, you will move up in their search results for that term. In order to sign up for the premium features, start by opening a free account. How many hits have your images received? The app works in multiple currencies, including: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, and Japanese Yen. Your markup can be as high or as low as you want it to be. They have many amazing features for artists of all types, including the ability to sell up to 25 high quality prints for free members. Click on that link, and you can upgrade whenever you're ready. Copy... paste... and start selling from your own website! If you look at my Press page, most of the links there have come from responses I have sent via HARO. Upload your designs, add them to our products, set your prices, and you're done! CAD ($) She wanted the photo, and although I could have sold it directly to her and made more money on it, I asked her to buy it there. Fine Art America is the world’s largest online art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company. Fine art photography - Smugmug and fine art america. Why is that important? All you have to do is add our Shopify app to your Shopify store and then choose which products you want to add to your store. This is less about selling photos and more about selling yourself as an artist. It's the most powerful print-on-demand website platform in the world. It's a landing page for what you just sold and it has sharing links. Yes, Fine Art America does offer you a gallery where people can view and purchase prints of your artwork. Some of these tips also apply to other places where you can sell your art, not just FAA. Redbubble is free (whereas Fine Art America charges their artists), and the traffic flow at Redbubble is significantly heavier than that of Fine Art America. Now you can! Sell your original artwork 100% commission free. Check out our Holiday Shipping Deadlines. It is your responsibility to handle the entire transaction on your own (i.e. This tip is no longer relevant and has been removed. One for artists like us, another for gallery owners and yet another for buyers. We’ve been helping people sell art online since 2006 allowing them sell wall art, home decor, apparel, and other products. You can sell your work and you can make money. Fine Art America is powering the e-commerce websites and in-store kiosks for all three companies, and the partnership enables individual store owners to stock their shelves with framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, and more from hundreds of thousands of FAA artists. The inside of each card has a matte white finish and may be customized with a text message up to 500 characters in length. With a few simple clicks, you can enable our app, and then each time you upload an image to our website, we'll automatically post an announcement for you on your Facebook wall. Start selling your artwork on the world's largest art, home decor, tech, and apparel site. Let's say that our base price for a 24" x 36" canvas print is $50 and that you set your markup to be $25. Good tags, descriptions and titles—what might people be looking for? Buy art online from the world's largest community of independent artists and iconic brands. One of the ways I do this I use HARO. Put your marketing campaign on auto-pilot with the Facebook app from Fine Art America. It also means a lot of back and forth with a potential client if they aren't sure what they want and the possibility of losing a sale because you couldn't respond quickly enough. They're all yours. Providing a clear and concise listing while following a consistent format will better inform customers and enhance discoverability of your art. Again- over 70 at Redbubble. All of our home decor products are produced using premium fabrics, archival inks, and double-stitching for extra durability. What I've started doing is adding just a few photos at a time rather than a big batch. After placing my order I was given an estimate delivery date and happily received it a day earlier. Here art marketing strategies to help you become successful selling art on Fine Art America. I can't guarantee you overnight success but why not give some of these a try and see what happens? Fine Art America has the most active discussion forum in the world for professional and up-and-coming artists. They send out three emails a day during the week and there are lots and lots of requests that are irrelevant. And another benefit of their paid membership is that you can create a site where people can't see anyone's work but yours. For the record, I've only had one sale at Fine Art America in three years. Do you want to sell products directly through your own website? Yes - you read that correctly. You can include your headshot. My sales here are more than the other 5 sites I list with combined. The artist's name and the name of the image is printed on the back of each card. Do you want to announce a new release or a site-wide pricing discount? I’ve now bought and sold on so I thought I’d leave a review of my experience, both pros and cons. All lifestyle products are produced using premium fabrics, archival inks, and double-stitching for extra durability. Transform your images into iPhone cases and Galaxy cases. You can include links to other websites. I am currently selling art on Fine Art America and Shutterstock and at art and vendor shows. Sell through our website, your own website, your favorite e-commerce platforms, our retail stores, our mobile apps, and much more! Some people seem to be very good at it. Your markup can be as high or as low as you want it to be. Using the app, you can load your existing FAA products into Shopify in seconds, and you can also upload and create new products specifically for Shopify. We've got the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 14 manufacturing centers located in 5 countries. Even if you narrow down the search criteria the volume is huge. I have more tips but rather than make this post a mile long I will share them in the very near future. Do a search for anything on FAA and you will get hundreds if not thousands of results. The algorithms that determine how something shows up in search often take into account the number of views. Fine Art America is a great place for someone to find and buy nice quality artwork prints and cards from a wide variety of artists. Our comprehensive control panel allows you to track you track everything and interact with your buyers from your laptop or the palm of your hand. If you're interested in selling art online, you've come to the right place. We keep track of all the visitors who view your images and your products. I have been relatively successful at all 3 mediums but have wanted to kick it up to the next level. Or on RedBubble or Society6? Thousands of messages are posted each day on topics ranging from current events to technology to sales. I also know it works because I can see in my Google Analytics that the sites I'm featured in bring me traffic. Why would I choose to sell there? In addition to providing an online marketplace and fulfillment service, Fine Art America provides artists and photographers with sales tools and marketing tools to help simplify and accelerate their careers. It's very powerful, non-intrusive form of marketing. Promote your products through social media, your own websites, and more. Unleash your inner fashion designer, and transform your images into tote bags, weekender tote bags, carry-all pouches, rectangular beach towels, and round beach towels. When you make a sale FAA has what they call an announcement page. I've heard from fellow artists that they'd like to know how I sell my work on Fine Art America so I'm going to spill the beans and share what I do. Do NOT wait to pin this site on your favorites and use it often! If you're wanting to … Just imagine - each time you upload a new release to Fine Art America... all of your Facebook friends will know about it, instantly! By the way I’ve heard of a story where an artist found out that fine art America was not even paying him and selling his artwork when a friend of his said look what I just bought from you from FAA and he realize they never even bothered to pay him and they never even bother to rectify it after he brought it to their attention. All of our products are manufactured using premium papers, canvas, fabrics, frames, and other materials which are designed to last a lifetime without fading or lost of color. But it can be done. Our website is visited by millions of buyers each week from all over the world. Open an account, and you'll be uploading your first image and listing your first product in seconds. There are two account options you can use—standard or premium. It is a huge community with over 1.5 million images from artists all across the globe. Anyone have any selling strategies they use to sell over at Fine Art America that they care to share? Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling! We gets millions of visitors each month from buyers all over the world. I know price is all based on the value perceived by the owner & buyer but I as I stared at their print sizes and empty boxes for prices when uploading an image I froze. Everthing is very intuitive, and you don't need any programming experience, whatsoever. Sell your images as royalty-free and rights-managed digital downloads. When you receive orders through Shopify, we manufacturer your products within 48 hours, drop-ship directly to your buyers, and notify Shopify when each shipment is complete. You can generate the code to create a page like this and people can buy something without leaving your own website. We do not try to stand between you and your buyers in order to collect commissions on the sale of original artwork. Online Art Galleries: A Word of Caution. It was possible to solve several gift problems throughout the year. I am the owner or employee of an art gallery and am interested in creating an online portfolio, selling print-on-demand products and original works of art, advertising our business in the business directory, networking with other members, and more! Transform your portfolio of images into throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, coffee mugs, and more! Also - each week, we send out an e-mail newsletter to our millions of e-mail subscribers, the newsletter uses the exact same geo-location algorithm to determine the location of the newsletter recipient and then prominently display local events to him/her. Best of all, you don't need any HTML experience in order to put together a beautiful e-mail. My tip for getting featured is to respond to what is a good match and do it ASAP. We're the world's largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company. Many people think it's not possible to sell art on websites like these because there's too much competition. When you place or receive an order for one of your products, we'll automatically route the order to the nearest manufacturing center in order to minimize shipping costs and speed up delivery times.

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