Members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems learned of the secret meeting however, and the Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress was sent to disrupt the negotiations and act as a messenger for Count Dooku. The animated characters perform side by side with a split screen view of the actors in the studio and the matching final animation. Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di and his troops, along with freedom fighter Cham Syndulla, were running out of reinforcements and munitions to the forces of the Separatists on Ryloth. Alone, the Grand Master revealed himself and destroyed the tanks and droid accompanying them, after which the troopers destroyed a group of Droideka reinforcements by using a rocket launcher to bring down an outcrop of rock on top of them. @pvt pyle Currently it has three, more will come in the future. Coral forests[3] [15] The Republic forces and the Toydarian delegation were evacuated from the moon shortly thereafter with the arrival of a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer. The Dark Acolyte ignited her lightsabers, swinging at the King in a killing strike. In return the Toydarians wanted protection by the Republic during the remainder of the war. The terrain of the moon's surface included large forests of coral, and rocky cavernous areas. O-17[1] Alexander Roberts has been in the Commonwealth for a year when he finds an abandoned facility that sends him to a galaxy far, far away. They soon encountered two patrols of B1 battle droids, which they successfully defeated, before encountering a complement of B2 super battle droids. During the Clone Wars, Rugosa was selected as the site for negotiations between King Katuunko of Toydaria and representatives of the Galactic Republic. Hasbro - Star Wars Clone Wars Episode "Ambush", Yoda's visit to Rugosa Lieutenant Thire, Rys, and Jek, with Yoda Hasbro - Star Wars Episode 3. During the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Rugosa was considered a neutral territory. It premiered on October 3, 2008. The Confederacy met success with capturing many hyperlanes, causing the Republic to seek out alternate routes throughout the galaxy. Among these worlds was Rugosa,[6] one of a thousand planets subjugated by a warlord known as "The Infernal One," whose name was inscribed in a region that became known as the Dead Corals. Astrographical information Yoda ventured down into the canyon on his own and destroyed the three tanks and a large number of droids. [8], Rugosa was once inhabited by the Rakata. A Sanbra szektorban és a Balmorra útvonal (Balmorra Run) közelében elhelyezkedő mérsékelt éghajlatú hold, egy kék bolygó körül kering. In return the Toydarians wanted protec… Cliquez sur les planètes pour voir si les missions sont validées ou non (image 2). The Rugosa system was a star system located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, containing the moon of Rugosa. Rugosa was a coral moon, where 9B2's faction was headquartered. [8], During the Cold War, researchers of the resurgent Sith Empire referred to the Rakatan inscriptions on the Dead Corals during their exploration of the Eternity Vault on Belsavis to provide clues to the identity of the Rakata imprisoned there, the legendary "Infernal One. Consequently, further droid forces were dispatched on foot. Loading... Unsubscribe from Oscar Johnson? Star Wars: Rugosa Campaign is built as a giant loop. Yoda then offered Ventress the chance to surrender, but she refused and triggered a nearby explosion to provide cover for her escape. [7] A number of petrified coral formations were damaged during the battle that took place there during the Clone Wars. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Ruusan: Star Wars Legends: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II: 1997 Video game Barren planet housing the Valley of the Jedi. [7], The moon had a temperate climate,[3] and parts of its surface area were covered by large regions of coral forests, with the corals varying hugely in size and some being large enough to support small starships. Jabba the Hutt may be the most renowned syndicate leader in the Star Wars universe, but he’s certainly not the only organized crime boss out there. On a lu l’ouvrage, et il est temps de vous dire ce qu’on en pense. Primary terrain Star Wars: The Clone Wars S01E01 - Embuscade. During the Clone Wars, Rugosa was selected as the site for negotiations between King Katuunko of Toydaria and representatives of the Galactic Republic. Welcome to STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS where you will partake in the Great Clone Wars, going from planet to planet fighting the Separatist Army and defending the Republic. [3] Russell Chong, the artist who worked on illustrating the moon, is himself a scuba diver and drew on these experiences in his designs. Region(s) [8], By this point, it was nearing sunset. The mission proved successful as the spirited fighting of the Jedi impressed the Toydarian king, Katuunko, who agreed to ally with them. General Di contacted Admiral Dao to reach the Jedi Council and plead to them about their situation. It took place in the first episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars computer generated animated series on Cartoon Network entitled "Ambush". ThereRead More [6] These humanoids had large, cone-like heads with eyes on short stalks on the sides. Inside the Venator (not shown on the map) is a small walkway connecting to the two entrances. Asajj Ventress est un personnage de Star Wars.Originaire de la planète Dathomir, elle est amenée dès l'enfance sur Coruscant afin d'être formée en tant que Jedi.Avant le début de la Guerre des clones, Ventress quitte l'ordre Jedi, devient l'apprentie du Comte Dooku, suite à la mort de son maître Jedi et participe à de nombreuses batailles. The B2-HA took a shot with his cannon arm at Clone Commander Thire and wounded him. Site of a great battle between the Sith and the Jedi. Rugosa has also been included in other releases such as The Essential Atlas. Her would-be regicide, however, was halted at the last instant by a Force grip employed by Yoda, who had just arrived with the clones at the rendezvous point. Ce mode (image 1) permet de voir où vous en êtes dans les assauts républicains et séparatistes. This means that, unlike some of the other Lego games, you do not need to go looking for them. The meeting was disrupted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who hoped to gain the allegiance of the Toydarians themselves, but Katuunko chose to side with the Republic after Yoda defeated a small Separatist force on the moon. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi? Loading... Unsubscribe from Kawaii Games? Toydaria is a world of fog, swamp, and forest. But the loop also gives us only one entrance in or out of the land. Lune située non loin de Toydaria où Yoda avait rendez vous avec le roi Katuunko pour signer un traité d'alliance avec la République Galactique. Infinite Empire[6]Toydaria[5]Galactic Republic[3] Rugosa has subsequently been incorporated in supporting The Clone Wars material, such as The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Official Episode Guide: Season 1; the latter fleshed out the history of Rugosa prior to Ambush. Outer Rim Territories[1] The droids advanced into the coral forests of the moon, and quickly spotted the Republic forces; however, the corals stopped their Armored Assault Tanks from entering into firing range of their foe and so 224 ordered the ground troops to advance alone. Ventress presented the King with a holo-message from Count Dooku, who challenged the ability of the Jedi to protect Toydaria should the King side with the Republic. 2nd Battle of Rugosa | Star Wars: The Last of the Droids Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia If Yoda escaped, the King would join the Republic, but should her droids defeat Yoda, the King would ally himself with the Confederacy. Die beliebte und umjubelte LEGO® Star Wars™-Serie kehrt 2011 auf Konsole und PC zurück! It was a popular vacation spot for members of the Toydarian species , and was located near the Sanbra sector planet D'Qar and the Balmorra Run hyperspace route . However, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems intercepted communications arranging the meeting, they ambushed the Republic envoy. The Battle of Rugosa was between the Republic and the Separatists for which side Rugosa would pledge allegiance to. System [10] Once Rugosa was ruined by Hutt plague, the Toydarians stopped using it as a vacation spot. Yoda managed to destroy one patrol of B1-series battle droids, and his troops took out another.

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