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    Welcome! Gnaraloo is a rustic oasis nestled along the Coral Coast where the desert meets the sea.
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    Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo... and discover something new!
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    Stay Wild Sitting high on an escarpment, with panoramic views of the dunes and the beautiful Indian Ocean, is Gnaraloo Homestead.
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    Gnaraloo bay Clean and clear, provides a great day at the beach, swim, snorkel and relax!
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    Conservation We are dedicated to keeping our environment beautiful and protecting the sea turtle populations on our shores.
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    3 mile Camp Campsite is located right on the beach with excellant snorkeling, just round the corner is the famous tomebstone surf spot
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    Surfing Ningaloo reef we have some of the best and longest waves!
  • Gnaraloo Bay
    Gnaraloo Bay What a great spot for some beach time, , excellant coral and beautiful beach!

Snorkeling at Gnaraloo - Ningaloo Reef

snorkeling-snorkelguide-denisejenkinsIf you love snorkeling, you’re in the right place at Gnaraloo. You have your choice of watching wildlife around the Ningaloo Reef.

3Mile Lagoon and Gnaraloo Bay are amazing spots for snorkeling as the Reef is close to the shoreline. Over 170 species have been spotted along the reef, so you‘ll be sure to witness some underwater magic.

If you’re keen to learn about local fish, or get some great tips for snorkeling in the area, pick up a copy of the Gnaraloo Snorkel Guide and Fish Identification booklet (found at Gnaraloo Homestead or 3Mile Camp shop).

  • 3Mile Lagoon
  • Gnaraloo Bay

The best time to snorkel in the lagoon is when the swell is big or the tides are low. So as long as the conditions are clear, you can snorkel any time of day; however, fish are the most active right before sunset.
When the tide is high, and the swell is flat, experienced swimmers (using fins) can attempt to swim through a ‘keyhole’ in the reef at the back of the Lagoon. This keyhole can be found opposite to where the boats launch over the sand dune.

This is also the best spot for a night snorkel, as the lagoon is protected by the reef. Don’t forget your waterproof torch!

YES! All the Pics Below were taken at gnaraloo!


Once you see the turquoise waters here, you’ll be excited to jump right in. If you walk south on the beach for 200m, past the point, you can catch the current for an drift ride over the reef. Please note: the current gets VERY strong the closer you get to the point. To be safe, ensure you make your way to the shore well before reaching the point.

YES! All the Pics Below were taken at gnaraloo!



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