For courses duplicated at Lipscomb and another college, the “transfer” grade may not be used to replace a lower grade made at Lipscomb. Visit the library’s website at to search through more than 372,000 e-books, 150,000 print books, and more than 100 electronic databases providing access to thousands of journals. Successfully complete (“C” average or higher) one full year of work at a medically related professional school. Fashion and Interior Merchandising, B.F.A. All academic probation and suspension policy guidelines are established by the Provost and the Academic Leadership Team. Note: As specified in the section “Requirements for Graduation,” a maximum of 33 semester hours of credit will be allowed on a combination of correspondence courses, extension courses, special examinations, Straighterline credits, advanced placement credits and equivalency credits. 3, 4, 5. Nowhere on our campus will students find an experiential classroom that compares to the adventure of studying abroad. Top Projects. Completion of general education credits from Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions will be honored provided that the student has completed all requirements for an AS or AA degree OR the student has completed all of the general education requirements at a TBR institution. Theology and Ministry, Preaching Concentration, B.A. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor and possibly the academic chair involved to make sure they have all prerequisite requirements for any elective courses they choose. All Lipscomb campus rules and policies apply to participants in global learning programs. AP Credit Policy Search. 8. That means you walk into your college with 8 credits under your belt—before you even take your first class there. In addition to the fall and spring semesters, academic courses are offered during summer months. TN Japan's state-owned export credit agency has agreed to give Nissan Motor Co up to $2 billion as part of a credit agreement to help it finance car sales in the United States. Developmental courses benefit the student by being officially counted as part of the load and determining eligibility for financial aid and/or scholarships. Failure by the student to notify the professor of the authorized absence prior to its occurrence could void the authorized absence and the associated non-consequential benefits. Students must register for GN 999X the semester all course work will be completed for graduation. Missed work includes, but is not limited to, submitting assignments due on the dates of absence (e.g., papers and projects) and completing assignments associated with in-class activities (e.g., quizzes, tests, labs, discussions, presentations, performances). Within the ASC, students may take advantage of individual tutoring, collaborative study groups, athletic study hall, academic workshops, student advocacy consultation and limited academic coaching. Currently there is no charge for tuition to take Air Force ROTC. College GPA Calculator; High School GPA Calculator; Grade Calculator. Further, if the university does not appropriately resolve the student complaint or grievance to the student’s satisfaction, the student has the right to contact the State of Tennessee to determine the course of action. In support of these goals, Lipscomb University offers several meaningful programs that are spiritually formative, community engaging and experiential in nature. If the GPA is still below 2.5 at the end of the second semester, the student may not be admitted to the program. The grade and credit can transfer back for graduation. Individual programs for students are then developed at the beginning of each semester. Students should consult the general education section of this catalog for specific requirements that include these courses. Students pursuing professional degrees beyond the bachelor’s degree should consult with the program they wish to attend for specific prerequisites. This course is a LIGHT-designated course and may quqlify for a SALT Tier II course. Lipscomb credits gaining many intuitive physics concepts from this book and from his conversations with Downing, who became Lipscomb's lifelong friend. Students who transfer 47-66 credit hours to Lipscomb must complete three Bible courses: BI 1073  or BI 1083  and BI 1093 ; and LUEG 3xn3 , or approved Bible credit courses as determined by program requirement (e.g., nursing and engineering). Beaman houses bound volumes, current periodicals, microforms, the University Archives and Special Collections, primary sources, and non-print materials in various formats. All Star Projects Web Development Mobile Development Design Data Science. MS 301. Automatic academic suspension occurs when a student is on two or more probations (academic, chapel, or disciplinary). Lipscomb’s B.S.N. The Academic Success Center (ASC) resides in Room 141 of the Beaman Library. (Transfer students must complete 33 semester hours at Lipscomb in addition to the work transferred to Lipscomb.) Academically suspended students may not enroll at Lipscomb the semester following their academic suspension. To graduate from Lipscomb University a student must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 overall as well as a 2.0 in the major and a 2.0 in the minor (if applicable). Registration cannot occur without the prior approval of the academic chair. If the appeal is not approved, further class attendance is prohibited and a failing grade will be assigned. Students who are not on scholarship receive the monthly stipend during their junior and senior years. Lipscomb's first wrestling coach Bob Goff dies. Students interested in substantive work in service-learning have the opportunity to attain the distinction of SALT Scholar. Check out all of Beaman Library’s LibGuides at The faculty reserves the right to assign an “F” if, in the opinion of the teacher, the student has put forth little, if any, effort. Lipscomb definition: William Nunn, Jr. ( nʌn ������ ) 1919- ; U.S. chemist | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Students can earn merit scholarships in several ways. This approval will usually include the academic chair involved, the registrar and the College of Education if the course is required for teacher certification. Although the university will make available to its students a wide range of institutional and community resources, academic progress from entry into the university through graduation is ultimately the responsibility of each student. Academic departments may maintain additional requirements and issue instructions to faculty and students to implement the requirements stated here. C: Average, about the quality expected of most students; earns 2 quality points per hour. degree major and the other is a B.S. To remove chapel probation, the student must accrue the full requirement of chapel credits the following semester. The SALT Program is a comprehensive plan to integrate service-learning into the educational experience of traditional undergraduate students at Lipscomb University. ‎The Lipscomb University App brings campus information to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the Lipscomb community: Stay on top of your events, classes, and assignments with the built in calendar function, and get notified of important dates, deadlines & security announcements. 10. Courses are transferred back to each university and added to the students’ transcripts. Petitions to walk early are due in the registrar’s office by Feb. 15. This may be either for credit or without credit. Students should choose their major area of study as early as possible. Check the program website and myLipscomb for officially designated SALT course offerings and other SALT opportunities. The Leadership Lab is also 1 credit hour. This catalog is prepared as a comprehensive statement of the requirements for attendance and graduation at Lipscomb University. Even with so many advantages at Lipscomb Academy, Dilfer has earned some credit for doing that in what has been a challenging season for everyone, given the pandemic. If a student chooses this option, BI 1003  will count as the elective Bible class. Education delays are available for critical specialties requiring post-graduate civilian education such as law and medical degrees. Students will not be allowed to transfer more credits per term than they would have been permitted to earn at Lipscomb. Company status Active Company type Private limited Company Incorporated on 1 September 2005. Each 16-week semester will consist of the following: To qualify for the program, students must score within the following ranges on an English language proficiency exam: To complete the EAP program, students must maintain a grade of “C” in EAP courses and 2.5 cumulative GPA whilst maintaining a course load of 12 hours. The following matrix summarizes these grades, and a brief description of each grade follows. This is normally done between the junior and senior years. Although the university does not encourage the use of special examinations, there are situations (e.g., extraordinary experience) in which it seems advisable to allow a student to challenge a course by special examination. However, many students may choose to seek further opportunities for intercultural learning, especially in connecting their liberal arts foundation to their pre-professional development in their majors, or to specialized, focused experiential learning. degree). Marketing, Marketing for Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.B.A. DID YOU KNOW: Lipscomb went 3-8 overall when playing against out-of-conference foes last … A maximum of 63 semester hours may be transferred from a two-year school. Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Greece, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Moldova, Nevis, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and Uganda. While remedial or developmental courses are designed to move a student toward graduation by bringing him/her up to a level of preparedness to do college work, they do not apply toward graduation credit. LIGHT Away is an off-campus experience, such as an approved Mission trip, a Global Learning semester, or approved intercultural internship. ), Family Science: Child Life Specialist track (B.A. Lipscomb University . degree major), the degree requirements for both majors must be met (i.e. 2. Each letter is in turn assigned a quality-point value according to the list provided below. Three full-time, current members of the university faculty will be appointed to serve on the review committee to consider the appeal. Nashville, An ideal of the university is to have the best students studying under the best teachers in the best possible Christian environment. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Lipscomb University. This designation should appeal to a variety of students across disciplines who will take advantage of the opportunity to bring together disparate intercultural experiences into a cohesive educational model. A student with a failing grade in a class can remove the effects of the “F” only by repeating the course at Lipscomb and earning a higher grade on a course taken at Lipscomb. For example, if a student takes a short-term class that ends during the semester (i.e. This mission includes (1) general-education coursework that prepares students for a diverse world through a cohesive, globally focused curriculum; (2) a campus environment that celebrates cultures both near and far; and (3) the spiritual growth from caring for one’s neighbor as for oneself. Incomplete grades should be assigned only if the final exam (or some work of equivalent significance) was missed for a good reason. Lipscomb Core General Education Requirements. The Provost will send a copy of the letter to the appropriate faculty member, department chair and/or program director, and college dean. In those 11 games, the Bisons gave up 73.5 points per game while scoring 66.5 per matchup. Army Officer Education Equivalency credits (such as credit for formal military courses as recommended by the American Council on Education) will be evaluated on their individual merits according to the nature and extent of the experience and the recommending department, institution or accrediting agency. LUMS 2xn3 Explorations in Math/Science: (selected topic), LULT 2xn3 Explorations in Literature: (selected topic), LUHP 2xn3 Explorations in History: (selected topic), LUSS 2xn3 Explorations in Social Science: (selected topic), UN 1101 Strategies of an Effective Learner. In order to receive the Bachelor of Science degree from Lipscomb the student must: 1. Freshman Year (615) 966-1000 After that time, a drop/add form must be completed and accepted in the registrar’s office in order to be official. Home » You’ll usually need 120 credits to get a bachelor’s degree. Should a student in any of the one-year programs fail to satisfactorily complete the work at the professional school, he/she must return to the Lipscomb campus for the completion of degree requirements. Many students will be able to take one or more courses that specifically address the implications of Christian faith for their chosen field of study. If the student does not attend or participate in the hearing, the hearing need not take place and the assigned grade will be deemed to be final without further appeal. Existing prerequisites, listed with departmental course descriptions, apply for traditional course work used to fulfill the Explorations requirement. Any grade not appealed within 60 days will be considered uncontested and final. Foundations of Tactical Leadership, Junior Year Students who successfully complete the program’s requirements are granted full admission to the university (see International Students). Courses taken at a two-year school which have 3000 or 4000 course numbers at Lipscomb generally will not transfer as equivalency credit. These requests should be mailed to the Office of the Associate Provost for Student Academic Support and received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Monday of the week before classes begin for the term during which the student wishes to be readmitted. Proposals for independent studies must address each of the following topics: Material to be covered, research to be performed and credit to be awarded. As the Army’s largest commissioning source, it fulfills a vital role in providing mature young men and women for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technological Army. Degree audit tools, part of Lipscomb’s student information system, exist  for the student and advisor to track progress toward graduation. The two middle characters are for departmental use and usually indicate a sequence of courses or categories of courses. High school seniors and graduates compete for four-year scholarships that are determined by local competition among Vanderbilt applicants. Interested students should contact the College of Professional Studies to begin the process. (Students will normally not be allowed to register for further work until the Major-Minor Form is properly filed.) Used whenever official withdrawal occurs: 1) from specific course(s) at the initiative of the student anytime during the designated withdrawal period of a term (see Calendar ); 2) from all course work in the event that a student is unable to complete a term due to reasons of personal choice, health problems, disciplinary actions or other reasons approved by the university such that the student is formally dissociated from the institution via processing in the registrar’s office; and also may be assigned by the registrar or the provost after the official last day to drop where there are extenuating circumstances, such as an extended illness. Molecular Biology - Biomolecular Science Graduate Bridge Program, Laboratory Research Track, B.S. MS 402. 22 - 29 ACT Range. Among them, 2,193 (795 male and 1,412 female) students have accepted and 614(246 male and 367 female) have enrolled into Lipscomb University for academic year 2019-2020. For academic year 2019-2020, the acceptance rate is 63.11% where total 3,481 students (1,204 men and 2,277 women) have applied to Lipscomb and 2,197 (791 men and 1,406 women) students have been admitted to the school. The General Military Course (GMC) is 1 credit hour and is composed of the first four semesters of aerospace studies and is for freshmen and sophomores. For students interested in accelerating their path to graduation, Lipscomb offers the opportunity to graduate in three years in several major programs in various academic departments. Lipscomb University will allow a maximum of 33 semester hours of credit toward graduation based on a combination of correspondence courses, extension courses, special examinations, advanced placement credits and equivalency credits. The Library website contains information for accessing materials, library hours, policies, services, and staff. Any student who has developed competence in any of the above areas may achieve credit by examination-CBAPE, CLEP or course examination-by taking the examination prior to taking a college course in the same area of study. Within the ASC, students are able to take advantage of various means of technology, such as a printer, desktop computers, and mounted LED monitors. Nashville State Community College and Lipscomb University have a dual admissions agreement. The prerequisites listed apply to Explorations or integrated course work. Request Info. The course load consists of one course per semester. They must have completed at least one full-time semester by the beginning of the semester of participation. A candidate for a degree must successfully complete the senior seminar and/or special standardized examinations and respond to institutional surveys where these are specified by the university or the department in which the candidate is majoring. The teacher education program is a campus-wide program that involves all departments in an integrated approach that prepares a well-rounded student. Students who participate in Air Force ROTC are jointly enrolled as a TSU student and participate in Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) at TSU. Greater Nashville Area Site Controller at ArvinMeritor Accounting Education Lipscomb University 2007 — 2008 MBA Lipscomb University 2002 — 2007 Experience ArvinMeritor 2007 - Present Skills Accounts Payable, Internal Controls, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Accruals, Variance Analysis, Financial Analysis, General Ledger, Budgets, Financial Statements, Process Improvement Under certain conditions, students may be awarded course credit by departmental examination. Using the definition and formula as noted above, granting more than one hour of credit for a course requires using the formula and increasing the student/teacher interaction, etc., via the learning objectives for the equivalent amount of credit hours desired for the course. At least two courses (minimum of six hours) in the minor field must be taken at Lipscomb. If you have questions regarding the ASC, please call 615.966.1400 or email Only courses with the grade equivalent of “C” or higher are candidates for transfer credit. Transfer work to be counted toward a minor must be accepted by the registrar’s office and approved by the academic chair involved. (Part or all of the Explorations integrated courses requirement may be satisfied by a Lipscomb semester-long global learning program. Ninety-four (94) semester hours is the maximum number of hours that may be transferred to Lipscomb. Theatre, Design and Production Emphasis, B.F.A. To qualify for the Honor Roll, a student must be classified as full time and achieve a 3.5 or higher grade-point average for the semester. Academic credit varies by school. Students who do not submit the grant application by the specified deadline are responsible for payment in full of the charges incurred by participation in the dual enrollment program. Humanities-No credit will be granted if prior college work has been taken in any of the test areas. ), Students will choose one approved integrated course that includes math or science. AP credits and CLEP testing will be accepted according to the tables and guidelines in the catalog. Students are considered full-time based on 20-24 clock hours per week. Your AP scores could earn you college credit or advanced placement (meaning you could skip certain courses in college). Deviations from rules and policies may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the program without refund. The Office of the Provost will select a time to conduct a hearing related to the appeal that is mutually agreeable to all involved individuals. This diversified minor is composed of at least 15 approved hours of additional 3000 and/or 4000 level courses outside the student’s major field of study. Students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree are encouraged to take the foreign language sequence (1114, 1124) during the freshman year. Other global learning courses may satisfy general education requirements and/or major/minor requirements, depending on the nature and context of the course. Students who are interested in pursuing a three-year graduation track are encouraged to contact Mr. The main objectives of producing officers through the AFROTC program are (1) to procure officers with a broad educational base; (2) to provide a basic military education for college students; (3) to teach fundamentals and techniques of leadership, management, and decision making; and (4) to develop, in conjunction with other academic disciplines, individual character and attributes required of a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. See below for information about specific programs. Afterwards they are usually assigned as platoon leaders, typically responsible for every aspect of training, supervising, and caring for sixteen to thirty soldiers and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. The Research Guides give information on locating books, journals, and databases as well as research guidelines related to a particular field of study. Students taking a major and a minor from the same department must complete all requirements as listed in the catalog for the major and the minor. For the page number of a specific major, check the index. Students may also satisfy this requirement by taking three hours of traditional coursework from the following: psychology, sociology, economics, and law, justice & society (LJS 2103 ). Often, an ACT score of 23 - 29 or a 1,080 - 1,290 SAT score is the range that applicants have greater chances to be accepted. The university does not guarantee the transferability of any of these credits to other institutions. All undergraduate degree programs are described in this catalog. He took Lipscomb to the (Atlantic) Sun championship with a team that was supposed to be one of … This program prepares the student for a career in the health care field as a registered nurse upon successfully passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), in accordance with applicable state licensing requirements. In addition, the timing/sequence of classes may make it difficult for students who enter the university in a winter or summer semester to be able to follow a three-year track to graduation. In addition to the diverse perspectives offered by these experiences, LIGHT Here events offer easy accessibility for students who are not able to travel far from campus. Students whose appeals are approved will be required to sign an academic probation contract during the first week of classes. Adaptive Tactical Leadership * Credit must be from a regionally accredited institution. In such cases, the registrar’s office should be consulted. The hours attempted will be used only once. Required core courses include the following 6-7 hours: Optional courses, consistent with global learning objectives, vary by site from year to year. Students should be aware of the number of absences they have accrued in a course. After completing the Academic Grade Appeal form, the student must first meet with the Associate Provost for Student Academic Support. Vanderbilt University also provides Vanderbilt ROTC scholarship students an additional $3,000 tuition grant each year for room and board. (It is suggested that when possible, the last week of classes be left free of any exams or major projects.) Lipscomb is a privately owned New and Used car dealer in Kent, a business that have built our reputation on providing a personal service to car buyers with total integrity. Students who have accumulated a grade-point average (GPA) of 3.90 or above will graduate summa cum laude. No AP, CLEP, or “Dual Enrollment” credit is accepted for this course.