• Welcome!
    Welcome! Gnaraloo is a rustic oasis nestled along the Coral Coast where the desert meets the sea.
  • Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo...
    Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo... and discover something new!
  • Stay Wild
    Stay Wild Sitting high on an escarpment, with panoramic views of the dunes and the beautiful Indian Ocean, is Gnaraloo Homestead.
  • Gnaraloo bay
    Gnaraloo bay Clean and clear, provides a great day at the beach, swim, snorkel and relax!
  • Conservation
    Conservation We are dedicated to keeping our environment beautiful and protecting the sea turtle populations on our shores.
  • 3  mile Camp
    3 mile Camp Campsite is located right on the beach with excellant snorkeling, just round the corner is the famous tomebstone surf spot
  • Surfing
    Surfing Ningaloo reef we have some of the best and longest waves!
  • Gnaraloo Bay
    Gnaraloo Bay What a great spot for some beach time, , excellant coral and beautiful beach!


Gnaraloo has received awards recognizing its efforts to responsibly manage and protect its beaches, flora and fauna, including the significant rookeries of endangered loggerhead, green and hawksbill sea turtles that nest on Gnaraloo beaches each year. These include:
  • 2012 Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities. State Award Winner in the category of Natural Environment Conservation. 16 November 2012.
  • 2012 Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities. Regional (Midwest / Gascoyne) Award Winner in the category of Natural Environment Conservation. 24 August 2012.
  • 2010 Keep Australia Beautiful WA - Clean Beach Award. Winner in the category of Environmental Protection Award. 14 April 2010.
Tidy Towns State Category Winner 2012 Tidy Towns Regional Category Winner 2012 WA Clean Beach Awards Category Winner 2012

Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities is a Keep Australia Beautiful program that recognizes private enterprise and towns for their achievements in working towards sustainability, including preserving culture and protecting the environment and amenity of areas. Keep Australia Beautiful (WA) is a division of the Department of Environment and Conservation (Western Australia).

Tidy Towns State Category Winner 2012 Tidy Towns Regional Category Winner 2012 WA Clean Beach Awards Category Winner 2012 We would like to thank the Gnaraloo site management teams (including Paul Richardson, Colleen Mason, Marnie Bartley, Barb Gadomski and Feral), all previous interns who have worked under the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program, Anita Wendl and Claire Guillaume, Dr. Mark Hamann of James Cook University (Queensland), Dr. Elizabeth Fulton of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (Tasmania), Lynnath Beckley and Halina Kobryn of Murdoch University (Western Australia), Mike Butcher and his teams from Animal Pest Management Services, Esri Australia, the Department of Environment and Conservation (Western Australia), the Australian Government particularly the Caring for our Country Program, Alex Richardson and family (Northern Ireland and United Kingdom) and everyone else involved with our conservation programs for your hard work, dedication and commitment to protect the Gnaraloo environment. Thank you to all ‘old Turtles’ including:
  • Patrick Becker (Australia) & Grant Paterson (Australia) (GTCP 08/09).
  • Jessica Leonard (Canada), Amy James (USA), Mike Williamson (United Kingdom), John Michael Stuart (Australia), Purusha Boelling (Australia) & Sergio Jacomy (Australia) (GTCP 09/10).
  • Matthew Boureau (France), Marie Duffy (Ireland) & Mark Wall (Australia) (GTCP 10/11).
  • Kimmie Riskas (USA), Robert Edman (USA), Fiona Morgan (Australia) & Stuart Dijkmans (Australia) (GTCP 11/12).
  • Careena Crossman (Australia), Justine Arnold (Australia), Danica Ilich (Australia) & Andrew Greenley (Australia) (GTCP 12/13).
Thank you also to all the Gnaraloo guests who support the protective site management policies, including keeping vehicles and bikes off the beaches and dunes! GTCP team 2012-2013 GTCP team 2011-2012 GTCP team 2010-2011 GTCP team 2009-2010 GTCP team 2008-2009


Support the program

You can support the conservation initiatives of "the Gnaraloo Station Trust" by spending your next holiday at Gnaraloo, as a percentage of all Gnaraloo’s income funds these initiatives to ensure their operation and continuation.

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