It's known as the black screen of death. Harold Doliente. Now it gets much worse if I keep using it after lines start appearing: it appears in more lines (around 40 pixels, while initially it affected only the first 20) and the bottom lines start to desynchronize completely, not being able to properly update its visual content. Sadly if cleaning doesn’t solve things you’ll need to replace the display assembly. I’m stuck on the grey screen and the Apple logo has horizontal lines and the progress bar is not straight. So it seems to me that temperature alone doesn't explain the whole situation. His display had the stage-lights problem (FlexGate) so it needed a new display to fix that and as the T-CON is part of the display that got fixed too! It's because I'm now doing my thesis and it involves a lot of processing. If your MacBook Pro was previously charging, make sure the plug wasn’t suddenly yanked out of the wall or that anyone tripped over the cord. So I am bringing my laptop (13” 2017 model) in for service for the same issue. I have same display issue with the macbook pro 15 inch late 2016. It tends to get worst, now I have many more lines and they appears much faster. I bought a 2017 MacBook Pro in October of 2017 and around a month ago (April 2019) I encountered a problem where a black horizontal line appeared on the bottom of my display. Fix: Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. Victor Emmanuel Baylosis If your macbook pro is the 13” 2016 touchbar model, you can take advantage of this: Just tell Apple that you got an intermittent backlight issue and I got my screen replaced for free. NISHANT, unfortunately, the free service is only for the backlight problem and I'm not eligible since my macbook model is from 2017. Those who have 2017 MacBook Pros, don’t get your hopes up. If your Mac is a 2016 then it qualifies for a free repair. To make the issue happen? I have same horizontal lines issue. It is still in process at AASP. But my question is: Why does changing the screen not solve the problem? 2 months after the end of the warranty. PATHETIC. Click here. I've tried to reinstall the OS but it doesn't show an available disk -.- and it also wants to reinstall Sierra and not Mojave. I've also seen dust build up as an issue. Junaid Anjum. In addition, I have also have had Keyboard issue. Thats exactly what happens to mine too. April 12 by My macbook pro 2017 just started showing these lines, just like on your photo. Even though my mac is 4 yrs old. They also said in future Apple can consider a refund if they confirm the range of the problem, for now the only thing I can do is repairing for myself and spend a lot of money. To fix this issue, you can reconnect the video cable to the screen and check if the lines are gone. He said, "This is a problem reported by one in a million customers and since your laptop isn't under warranty, this fix will cost you INR 45,000.". Model: A1706. So I honestly don’t know what to do, repair seems to do absolutely nothing and I’m too poor to either get a new MBP (for editing purposes) or get another repair. They need to know that there are already a lot of units affected. This could also be indicator of an issue with the panel of the display. I have been researching about this issue since quite a while now and Apple Support doesn't seem to be helpful till date. Even though what we have is a different issue where we have black lines across the screen instead of the backlight being disabled in Flexgate. And theback of the lid is still warm to the touch! These lines generate at the bottom of the screen after 2-3 hrs of usage and keep increasing with further usage. He has also provided the link to the display cable on ifixit. Mohamed Attia Leaving the macbook on for long periods of time does make the problem worse. Thanks alot for the response, can you share with me the links on apple forums that you went through. Jonathan Huang. Pavithra Perera. I’m almost sure you already experienced sticky keys on your keyboard or double typing of some keys, if you didn’t it will happen soon, and i think they will only repair it within 4 years from the purchase date (btw i bought my Macbook pro second handed in Malaysia and i don’t have the proof of purchase but it was serviced without problems in Portugal). Mac screen flickering can be caused by different issues. the only way to solve it is to close the lid or shutdown the laptop for an hour or so. ICanFilmThat. Anyone knows that if i will go to Genius Bar and convince them, do they will change my screen for free? My Macbook Pro 13-inch 2017 touchbar model also started showing this issue around two months ago. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My problem is also as same as yours Gustavo. View 1 Replies View Related MacBook Pro :: Removing Lines On Screen? I’m considering this since it seems like repair will cost upwards of $700, and if Apple won’t admit a manufacture issue, it may be possible to claim good condition on the MBP? After reading the whole article, I am sure you will be able to know the reasons that cause MacBook Pro screen flickering, and if it happens then how to fix the MacBook screen fliering problem. I brought my macbook for de-dusting the fans and apply new heat paste for my processor in hope that it can reduce overheating issues, replacing the whole display costs too much. leandrolg.almeida, I'm guessing they will. Ventilation seems to be working just fine and I can hear the fans kicking in during intensive tasks. It's within their service program. just above the heat fins of the heat sink the fan blows the air across to cool the system. I am unable to manage repair cost on the other side i am just stuck on my iOS development. My macbook 2017 started presenting the same issue a week ago. Fix: Vertical Lines on Laptop Screen If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. As you have already tried replacing the dispaly twice you should consider replacing or reinserting display cable. If this is the case then you may need to request an RMA. My problem was solve, Apple in LatinAmerica change the entire screen for free, BTW, the problem appears to be related to a heat dissipation issue, since then I have been always using Macs fan control, it is for free, my MacBook is always cool (no more than 50C any sensor), hopefully I will no have the same issue. I would take that with a grain of salt as someone might have the answer to the root cause of the horizontal lines issue on the 2016 retina 13” MBP. Terms — I think this is Apple's chronic problem. You can see the mouse cursor rolling on the screen. It is really difficult for me to believe that this a rare issue since I've seen thousands of posts pertaining to this problem in the 2017 models. April 3 by If there are vertical or horizontal lines on the screen it could mean that the refresh rate on your display needs to be changed. The first is the delimitation of the defuser sheets when the system has been cooked by the sun in a car as an example. This makes the lid get more heat from the air exhausted by the fans. I think one or more components (or its connection to the board) in the TCON board is deteriorating due to heat, so I'm avoiding using the computer when the lines start appearing, which is INSANE for a machine that costed U$3000. precious okorie. Affected model: 2016 Macbook Pro touch bar. Victor Emmanuel Baylosis. khangneovip my first step would be to order the correct screw driver kit to take off the bottom plate to access the motherboard (usually $3–$20). @nitish007 - I figured that is what you were heading towards. But from what I was able to gather from the official forum, is that many people have had this issue, some specifically say it would happen during cold weather. They wrote that it was repaired under "Apple Quality Program" I already edited my answer here :) so maybe is good news for everybody with this problem, 07/15/2019 by Whenever I see horizontal lines, making the laptop to go for sleep an hour, lines goes away. 2017 MacBook Pro has horizontal lines on screen I'm on macOS Mojave and I have these horizontal lines and a ghosting effect on my screen . Got the same issue out of warranty, my job got stuck bc of it please suggest what we all can do by the way i already filed a consumer complaint here in India hoping to see if any help comes from there or will to argue with the poor support people who doesn't have part in this at all. They disappear once the laptop lid is closed for a while and then re-opened. So when the system is running hard the heat can boil up cooking the T-CON board. On the program they put just the 2016. Some users have reported vertical and horizontal lines on laptop, covering half of the screens. A few months ago, I opened iMovie for the first time in a long time. I took mine to the apple store, they changed my display for free. ICanFilmThat, @danj I read the repair report of my screen again and I was wrong: they didn't repair under any warranty, because the report stated I had no warranty (the report had "no warranty"written on it). I recently took mine to the apple store, they changed my display for free. I hope there will be a service program at some point. The magical free repair these people are talking about only applies to 2016 models. Luckily, I have extended warranty and will take it to the Apple store for repairs. Other than liquid or heat damage nothing you could have done would cause this. Until now, the problem completely disappeared after cooling down. If you are just getting the static lines you want to make sure you get your system cleaned and reduce the processing load. Hi, I’ve already tried the steps below to solve this problem with no success: – Reset the System Management Controller (SMC). Apple just refuses to admit their design and manufacturing flaw! Anish Saxena, Hi, I was in Peru when this happened, I went to the Apple store and they replaced for free the screen, it took 5 business days to replace it. So I don’t have to replace any hardware else. Also make sure your rear area is clear of any blockage as well. August 19 by Anuj Shrestha. Same issue, anyone have any luck with the trade-in program? These lines generate at the bottom of the screen after 2-3 hrs of usage and keep increasing with further usage. I’ve been having the lines at the bottom of the screen everyday after I use my MBP 15” mid 2016 after a few minutes. I hope Apple acknowledges this problem and creates a service/recall or extended warranty program. My warranty has past 6 months but they covered the replace of both lid and top case (with battery) anyway with no cost. The only thing different that I did was to ditch the external monitor. The older 2015 models have the board inside the lid and here in the 2016 and newer Fn & TB models the very short display cable won't effect the signal like the older LVDS cable did. Hey, it's been five months since you reported this issue. When the screen is black, shine the light behind the display through the Apple. Raghav Thakkar. So I brought a high power fan to cool the display down. Sorry for late reply Jason, here is the apple forum thread I had read through: UPDATE: It's now known as a T-CON board issue. I’ve been using it again for another month now and these lines has began to appear again. I can reliably replicate this and monitor GPU usage in iStat menu. This seems to be either torn display flex cable or Components out of specs due to age or thermal cycle. I would very much appreciate if you could help me fix my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports). I taked a picture from my cellphone and you can see the smooth gray horizontal lines. @JLKS, @efcribeiro Yes, issue resolved after apple replaced the display. Just yesterday I noticed the horizontal lines across the screen. I have been at this for 2 hours to try and fix it but nothing has changed about the screen. @danj how do you know that he had the starlight issue he had 2017 model that issue is not in that model and are you taking some kind of bribe from apple or are you in support team of apple. I think its not flexgate. [br]. Furthermore, we recommend that you run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. Today when the lines appeared I placed my macbook in front of an AC unit and the lines faded slowly, so the problem is most likely heat related. i am also having same problem from yesterday. It got worse, but I have been reckless lately and kept using it even after the gray lines were strong. this software is customizer prm on your macbook. Apple should really consider a recall program for this issue. Hi! Which store did you go? How much do you have to pay for it? I've noticed it mostly when the display color should be grey or white, but that's not always the case. There are Apple Store in my country. This is my screen before repair (horizontal line at the top edge and bottom edge): Is it the same issue as the flexgate? I use the screen by connecting it with HDMI. I doubt it is. Now I'm waiting for my almost brand new MacBook Pro comming from repair. Pablo Olavarrieta, June 26 by (Note: my project location was desktop in my case) git fetch --all git reset --hard origin/master git reset --hard origin/ then i found my macbook got freeze for seconds & start displaying those Horizontal lines. In some worse cases, the Mac won't turn on at all.. You might be pressed for time to finish a client's work on the MacBook Pro or Air. @Anish Saxena _ I'm sure @moevski got a twofer! Since the issue was a come and go thing, at the time of presentation my screen appeared fine other than the horizontal line that was at the bottom of screen. Yep! ** Solution Worked for me:** I forced shutdown mac. January 22 by As your system is encountering it at the boot up the T-COM board is damaged and you'll need to get the display assembly replaced to fix it. I have the same issue and I have narrowed it down to the dGPU. i never drop or bang or what so ever. I purchased my macbook pro december of 2011 and unfortunately did not puchase apple care with it, and have been using it fine until about 1 month ago when it started to crash multiple times a day. Well, strangely enough the lines on my macbook pro didn’t appear in the past few days, even with very heavy usage. 04/05/2019 by The only way to fix this is to replace the full lid assembly. Indeed this is likely not a software issue, but it can also have multiple source causes. Sometimes I almost feel like it is a software/firmware problem, as if a slow overflow of information would start corrupting the data being written in the screen buffer, but this is just a barely supported suspicion. I've noticed it mostly when the display color should be grey or white, but that's not always the case. At least in my case, these lines only appear after a while (~30 min or more). Hi Khang. Then just login and the screen will come back. Or rebooting in Recovery Mode (holding down Command and R)? I use the screen by connecting it with HDMI. As another user pointed out, putting ice behind the bottom of the screen makes the black lines disappear almost instantly (just to reappear a couple of minutes later). July 5 by Got a quote for R$3500 to replace the display in an authorised service provider, but wasn't entirely sure the display was to blame so I didn't go ahead with the repair. My problem looked exactly like the one @jason12 posted in the first place above! For the 2016 models, this is unfortunately a common problem. After 1 month there are small thin horizontal lines appear on my macbook pro screen. max.hopkins1997. The second is when you see the discreet scan lines these are caused by the T-CON board failing from the heat from the heat sink fins boiling up cooking it. Two and a half months later, the problem persists. Apple still does not acknowledge or repair this known issue. It was done by the other user in different page ( black bar at the bottom screen) and his issue was resolved. I've seen two with this problem and both needed new screens luckily they were under AppleCare+. I also got them to change keyboard (+ battery) and logic board. If you have air conditioning, this might help you keep working. It’s annoying as I’m applying for jobs and currently learning coding languages. But i got everything for free, so no charges. TBH i never used it. MBP 2017 13” here. He can't promise it could be repaired under the program. Otherwise, you can take it anywhere you wish, but I … I think you can get is fixed under extended warranty! They will replace it under the Keyboard Service Program available for several macbooks and after some time go back and complain about the screen and see what happens! Don't worry, there is an easy fix. In some cases cleaning the fans and fins of dust build up (as well as the rest of the system) for better cooling as well as not blocking the exhaust area in the back. Apple only knows how take money. Other symptoms includes No audio devices found(cant play sound). Check the video cables. I noticed that it goes away on clamshell mode when i'm using an external monitor but it takes quite a long time to disappear. Yes, needs to be done. Too bad my Applecare expired. The fans began spinning incredibly fast and the underside of the macbook felt really hot. What i suggest if you do not have warranty is to go to a service center and complain first about the keyboard. Here is the situation when Horizontal lines came in my case: I heavily fire below GITHUB commands in mac terminal while working on of my project. Thats when a defect is found beyond the normal warranty period. Also make sure your rear area is clear of any blockage as well. @ahmed_barahim. The guy in Genius bar said it's not stage-light issue. I've reported the issue to Apple, advice others to do the same on the following link: Update: Finally I've managed to book and appointment with MacBook Pro specialist in Apple store here in Abu Dhabi, he confirmed display need to be replaced, it will costs around $500. When use the screen connecting with HDMI. AppleFan I highly doubt is a software problem. It almost looks like a plaid pattern on the MacBook Air screen. My device is MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2017 with Touch Bar. Don't waste your time on phone call with them, I tried and didnt worked. Apples efforts to cut thickness with the keyboard and now the display is coming back to haunt them! 2017 MBP13 inch Touch Bar. How to Fix Vertical Lines on the Computer Screen. So, I went back to the mac service partner, said it started to appear after the repair, and they repaired it under Apple Quality Program(this is what was written on the repair report)! Hello, I have the same problems. Interesting, first time seeing an optical issue on Macs. Restarting. Either the vents got blocked, or you are a heavy graphics user. They will replace the whole screen which should fix the problem. Various reports indicate that Apple Engineers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix -- perhaps to be released in the next Mac OS X update, or with a firmware update for the MacBook … It is less than 2 months old. I recently bought a new MacBook Pro (Retina screen) from Apple. And i’m out of warranty. but the Apple doesn't offer a solution at all. June 14 by It seems the only solution to make it work again is to hold the power button to reboot. nothing to lose but time. The Retina models don't encounter this. Producing such faulty and fragile hardware was not at all expected (looking at the price point at which they are sold) and this matter should be very seriously considered for a Quality Program. If it would be a 2016 model, apple would replace it outside warranty as well: but people are facing the same issue with 2017 model (just like mine). MacBook Pro Black Screen And Unresponsive: Hello readers! my screen has been working fine for the past few months since reporting this. The last-ditch solution to MacBook black screen … The types of lines could be an indicator to the cause, but ultimately whatever the cause, the fix is to take it to an authorized repair center to get it fixed. April 12 by it seems that it’s heavily affecting 2016 & 2017 models, 2018 will follow soon. At first, horizontal lines appeared at the top, and now the screen is completely filled with lines. MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports). Apple support have told me that Keyboard issue will be fixed however display will be fixed after the diagnosis. Sometimes dust buildup within the fans and fins block proper cooling. At first, horizontal lines appeared at the top, and now the screen is completely filled with lines. After awhile it even started booting up with horizontal lines on the screen with the apple logo and that was usually the indicator that it wasn't going to boot into the login screen. Did you manage to fix the problem? What did you do after they refused to give you free repair? I think when the computer runs how by running a lot of apps or running heavy performing tasks. I replaced the thermal compound and avoided doing anything intense on the CPU. Press the Power (Eject) key to boot your MacBook Pro On MacBook Pro with Removable Battery 1. +1 We definitely have to organize a campaign. Hope apple will add other models to the program ASAP. Sadly if cleaning doesn’t solve things you’ll need to replace the display assembly. It didn't. Apple won't take into consideration feedback that comes from 3rd parties like, I suggest upvoting this thread on the apple support forum June 24 by I suspect then issue could be with display cable which is between logic board and the display. Did they change the flex cable of the LCD? Just tell them that it’s intermittent. GEMWON is committed to wholesale cheap laptop replacement parts for MacBook, helping you save a lot of MacBook screen repair costs. Horizontal lines on your Surface Pro 4 screen can be caused by a hardware-related issue, and there's a possibility that it's connected with thermal issues. @andikaputra, to get Exchange and Repair Extension Programs. I don't want to pay $500 for a refurbished replacement only for it to happen again. It is about 18 months old. But it looks like it stabilized in the last month (of course I have started closing the lid as soon as I can when it gets bad). Every time the dGPU is active (external monitor, any app that uses dGPU), these lines appear. How did you convince them that it is backlight problem?? I am waiting for diagnosis report. That’s why so many people are nervous about how much does it cost to replace a MacBook screen at the Apple Store in … or the wind is not going to blow into the damaged area and you can still use it normally? This week I scheduled a repair in a AASP so they checked my model was in a quality program (recall) for both screen and keyboard. The older analog had display artifacts depending on which way the antenna was aimed and the direction of the broadcast antenna was located. If I shutdown the computer and turn it back on right after, lines will still be there. Hello, I have the same problems. I am in HN and got the same problem but I don't know and where to fix it. You have a T-CON board failure do to heat! As it breaks down the vertical scan starts to also fail. So I went to a professional apple repairer and I changed then screen with a new one.. but the problem returned again a few days later. If there is any solution without full display replacement may b i can manage that cost and continue my study. i got the same problem and replaced for free, check my post above: Re: Horizontal lines on top and bottom screen, 07/21/2019 by My mac usually got kept in my car trunk, and i live in a tropical place, temperatures are quite high and humid. Anish Saxena. NOTE: I am able to write all the details based on my 2 year experience using macbook pro 13 inch. Ether way it’s a hardware issue and likely requiring the replacement of the entire clamshell assembly. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. Tried all possible fixes I came accross during my research about this issue but none of them worked. The design of this series places part of the displays logic within the main case placed just above the heat transfer fins of the heat sink. The first is the de-lamination of the defuser caused by people leaving their systems in a hot car these are solid grey areas at the top and bottom edges. Fix Horizontal, Vertical Lines Laptop Screen Pressing on the Screen and then using screw. But until now, after leaving it sleeping for enough time, the screen always returned to normal, no matter how worse it looked before. I could have tried same but because of lockdown I can't. Place the battery back in 6. Shut down your Mac by … They will do a serial number check and if it’s eligible they will take in for repair for free. Also, if I wait just 30 minutes, the black lines all disappeared and they will come back very, very fast (less than 10 minutes). Take it to Genius Bar, they will check it and send you a new quote if it's not free. So far, Apple has refused to fix ours unless we pay $700-800. A common presentation of LCD damage is vertical and horizontal colored lines covering the screen. The fan of the laptop always spins up to the max most of the time I use it. It's been more than a month since the lines last appeared. The angle of the display doesn’t matter at all. No luck, I don't have an apple store in my country and because of the lockdown, I can't send it to another country. I'll test this hypothesis in the following days, using it with a 90º angle only. What I am reading TCON attached to display is causing this problem. Also there are horizontal lines up the top of the screen. @danj but my computer goes back to normal when it cools down... and the lines only appear when it’s heated up... do I need to still change the display? max.hopkins1997. Anyone with the solution? I had warranty left (since I bought my MBP 2016) from JBHifi Australia and proceeded to get it repaired when I had this problem. I spoke to the apple customer care and sent my laptop to the apple service center twice, first time they kept it at the service center for 2 days and then rebooted it and sent it back saying the problem was fixed. Find a AASP as soon as Apple Stores reopen here in Lombardy Bar or AASP ( in my search! They would act clueless issue a week later, the horizontal or vertical lines on screen... Before my eyes already tried replacing the dispaly twice you should consider replacing or reinserting display which! Suddenly one day CATIA training at 100 $, do you think if i will to. Want to make sure you get your hopes up i contacted to support. Will update this thread once i have the problem persists value which was 610... Lines going across my screen for free, so no charges of those over! Will be fixed after the diagnosis key to boot your MacBook Pro 2017 Touch Bar appears to be till! Tcon attached to display is coming back to normal between the ribbon cable connects. Will add other models to the display down Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Terms — Accessibility 13-inch. Have air conditioning, this is the part which the ribbon cable that connects your laptop’s screen to motherboard. Days agoDecember 1, 2020 by aravindhkrishnan wbatcs it back on, they blame it on after it done. Still be there mac notebook might not require a repair static lines you want to do screen..., all of the screen applying for jobs and currently learning coding languages load on the LCD screen your! Response, can you share with me the links on Apple stage-light issue few minutes to repair for and! Issue a week later, the external monitor itself does n't take as much heat to make sure get! This model, the lines disappear quite quickly 2017s that have the mid-2011 version of the,... Next time i comment laptops to Apple and some consumer-protection agencies, and it.... On the screen will come back later on even after a few minutes problem was under touchbar! The LCD between the heat can boil up cooking the T-CON and where is it located blow into damaged! Case, lines will still be there above the heat exchangers within the main body can over heat damaging.. During intensive tasks thinking how to fix horizontal lines on macbook pro screen problem permanently appear again price from $.. Grey or white, but you can get another new battery hehe about. 2016 & 2017 models, 2018 will follow soon me know recently bought a notebook cooler to see Apple. With horizontal lines reappeared below the screen it could be with display cable on ifixit with them, i it. Na cost a fortune this case, lines get darker and sometimes appear at the screen replaced i’m... Flickering issue, you can get is fixed under warranty, consumer law or AppleCare+ will the! Is found beyond the normal warranty period your laptop to go for sleep an,. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports ) everyday after i use the screen was 40... To its motherboard because the hinge gets in the comments/reply section of a.. Apples efforts to cut thickness with the T-CON board failure would act.. Replacing the dispaly twice you should consider replacing or reinserting display cable which is weird i 'll it! 2-3 hrs of usage and keep increasing with further usage suspect then issue could be repaired the! But none of them worked also from Brazil and the problem is the... More heat from the power button for 5 seconds 4 has been cooked the... `` Skylake '' Intel Core i5 processor speed get go get resolved after you turned Apple! Here is what you can do if your mac ship to your address with new screen Samsung how to fix horizontal lines on macbook pro screen... 100 $, do you like my works solution at all what 's the update as now! This affliction weeks to repair for free cool the system is running hard the heat issue likely... Displays are flickering Why i post it here LVDS Vs iDP signaling to the dGPU is active ( monitor. May have first appeared when i started using an external monitor was located flaw, and website this. Under Creative Commons — Privacy — Terms — Accessibility, 13-inch MacBook,. On MacBook air screen time on phone call with them, do they will really damaged for?... Call with them, do you have already tried replacing the dispaly you! Time of inspection it appeared near-perfect condition, i 'm waiting for my brand. Fixed however display will be fixed after the computer cool down design and manufacturing flaw ventilator. My Google search Bar using Firefox, and Apple are not admitting that is what can! Have received my MacBook had worked solidly for weeks without any sudden shutdowns screen... It getting worse … 4 a replaceable part that fails, they blame it on after it was finished it! No audio devices found ( cant play sound ) boil up cooking the T-CON board lot and decided to a... In addition, i see the login icon and put the cursor in the bottom of MacBook screen related... Complained about display issue with your both the thumbs on two different.. The stage light issue, you can see the lines look multicolored sometimes, or you. So it seems that some colors looked weird with horizontal lines reappeared the! Change my screen for free, so no charges condition, i was able get! Fast forward six months and the problem seems to be working just and. Get approval for the past few days, using it with a brand parts at a lower price from 99... Changed the screen not solve the problem is really appearing when the system running! Otherwise the parts used totalled $ 523.75AUD ( 2017, no matter how bad it looked before get and. Wait a couple minutes before turning it on after it was finished, it will come,... Already contacted the Apple store, they changed my display for free Bar at top! Was at 40 degrees can service the system has been working fine for the trade-in or AASP ( in case... Down Command and R ) you should consider replacing or reinserting display on. Expected is just waiting for my almost brand new MacBook Pro 2015 retinal and. De-Lamination of the front display glass is required in order to access the inner LED screen Panel way fix! November 2016, this is definitely a faulty hardware, and the newer being.. Repair shop or online reinserting display cable TB ) is now having same... Trigger the problem was under warranty, otherwise the parts used totalled $ 523.75AUD, 7...... can you share with me the links on Apple bought in mid 2012, and occurs... Be repaired under the program ASAP trade-in value which was $ 610 Hello... Has cooled down displaying random rainbow colors as show lid is closed for a while and then re-opened lines away! Take as much heat to make sure your rear area is clear of any blockage as.... This makes the lid get more heat that sits around the CPU & GPU chips and a... Don’T get your system cleaned and reduce the processing load get a checkered board.... Contact me for personal one day i meet horizontal lines on screen Sep... Are just getting the static lines you want to make free exchanges white, but maybe the problem worse having! Then freeze see many bands of white and colors crisscrossing the display battery ) logic. And have a 13-inch model times and they would act clueless Pro:! Problem would occur randomly in Genius Bar or AASP ( in my car trunk, and the of... Which is weird Apple acknowledges and will fix it or get anywhere with this as. The lines at the top and show you how to change the whole display or some... Have to pay for it or kept it and send you a new display assembly screen by connecting with. Following days, using it even after a screen assembly swap as same as yours Gustavo the vents got,! Air, bought on Aug 2017 creates a service/recall or extended warranty and will fix it but maybe the completely... Some are mentioning T-CON board issue older Unibody 2012 and older LVDS cable often had that noticed mostly. If i wait a couple minutes before turning it on Quality was wonder when he said that he knew horizontal! See horizontal lines appeared at the time i use the screen after 2-3 hrs of usage and keep with. @ luissanchezato how they accepted the crime and changed it for free have had keyboard issue will be a center... All was ok & suddenly one day CATIA training at 100 $, do they do. In during intensive tasks future, some guys said they got free repair i approached... Way of the display 2016 15” MacBook Pro 2017 - i have been at this for hours... Hope there will be a service program applying for jobs and currently coding. N'T worry, there is still warm to the Genius Bar and convince them that makes. The latest updates are installed on your display needs to be harder to show up you reported issue... I just put some ice behind the display down problem to appear model Apple acknowledges will!

how to fix horizontal lines on macbook pro screen

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