His principal mutant powers are his vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Même si ce dernier est responsable du nom, de l’apparence et d’une part de sa personnalité, Cable prendrait également ses racines dans un personnage connu sous le nom de Commandant X créé par Simon et l’éditeur Bob Harras. An expert swordsman with superhuman healing power, our Deadpool Cable Guy is stationed by a plinth and will hold and heal most types of gaming controller, smart phone device, or … Marvel: Crisis Protocol has announced their next wave of X-Men miniatures, which will include Cable and Deadpool. Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Jackson Guice, Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor #5 (May 1986). Such is the case with the M’Kraan Crystal. http://bit.ly/MarvelDCFullStories GET A ROB CORPS RING HERE! Cable is an enigmatic time-traveling cybernetic mutant soldier from the future. Joining our hugely popular Cable Guys range is the unhinged and cheeky Marvel assassin Deadpool. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History; Skills. Like the Druids of old, he can control the forces of nature, but this comes at a cost. He is one of the most powerful telepaths of the Marvel Universe. Cable . cable marvel power grid Je désire voir encore plus de cable marvel power grid avec des bonnes notes des internautes et pas cher en visitant le site >> ICI Cable can never use his powers to the fullest for very long without burning himself out. He has since returned in All-New, All -Different Marvel. Page Tools. He spends much of his time trying to take down the evil mutant Apocalypse in the year 3999 AD. He can employ the latter to levitate objects and to create protective force shields. Throughout the film he bombards Deadpool and the prison guards with the power of his metal arm. 1 Traits 2 Stats 3 Abilities 4 Gear 5 Availability To Be Added Campaigns: Mystic 1-9 Orbs: Basic Orb Premium Orb Mega Orb Cable is unlocked at 2 stars, which costs 45 shards. Cable’s powers allow him to pass for a human. Cable and his X-Force. One of the best determiners of telepathic power in the Marvel Universe is to see how it scales based on planetary use. Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.He is one of the world's first mutants, and was originally a principal villain for the original X-Factor team and now for the X-Men and related spinoff teams. Top Contributors: Jon Michael, Jordan Easter, AzianJoeNad + more. Marvel Girl began to lower the island, but Cable regained control and lowered the island into the ocean and give a final message to the world. Cable in Deadpool 2. After settling into their new base in the Adirondack Mountains, Feral took a training session too far and Cable reconsidered allowing her to join X-Force.X-Force later aided Siryn in battling the Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy, who had detonated a bomb at the World Trade Center.After the battle, Cable was surprised to see G.W. 1 #2 (1991). 7. A vastly powerful telepath (he once claimed, before his powers burned out, that he was the world's most powerful telepath) and an Omega Level Telekinetic. Cable threw numerous guys through walls and buildings, showing just how strong he really was. At this stage, it's unclear what scale his powers operate at; he isn't listed as one of Krakoa's Omega mutants, which means his telepathy and telekinesis probably act at a lower level than the older Cable's. He can create complex illusions, and possesses powerful telekinetic abilities. 8. cable powers marvel heroes Vous rêvez de voir encore plus d’images en rapports avec cable powers marvel heroes avec des bonnes notes des internautes et… Kid Cable has been surprisingly prominent in the first wave of Jonathan Hickman X-Men books. Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, better known as Cable, is the mutant son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone. As a result of being inflicted with the deadly Techno-Organic Virus, Cable’s powers have fluctuated from time to time. He was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, and debuted in X-Force vol. She has immense power mimicry abilities, and a number of psychic talents. Last Edited: 16 Jun 2013 5:13 am. A time-traveler from the future who can manipulate turn order and charge up attacks to blast his enemies. Telekinetic counterpart of Telepathic Force Manipulation. cable marvel super powers J’ai envie de voir d’autres images en rapports avec cable marvel super powers avec une bonne appréciation des consommateurs et à un bon prix en cliquant sur le bouton ICI Marvel crédite actuellement Louise Simonson et Rob Liefeld de la création de Cable, et le personnage reste même associé de près à Liefeld. Cable's powers begin overloading, but Hope, now wielding the psimitar given to her by her future self, manages to get into the Avengers Mansion and stabs Cable in the skull. That child became Cable, a hardened half-robotic mercenary, who came back to the present to prevent the apocalyptic history he lived through. I don't think he'd be able to take Thanos out without also doing serious damage to himself. Lesser version of Supernatural Combat. Even so, most objects of power are not to be taken lightly and generally should be avoided at all cost. Using his formidable telekinetic abilities and cybernetic enhancements, Cable battles Super Villain foes in his quest for peace. Cable was found by some of the citizens of the country, who brought him to the main hospital, where he took the power from around himself, returned the electricity to the country (which had been taken out by Deadpool teamed up with Six Pack earlier) and captured the new Six-Pack, sending Deadpool fleeing from his country, imprisoning G.W. http://bit.ly/ComicsExplainedSub Check out Marvel & DC Full Stories! In Deadpool 2, most of Cable’s powers come from his inner strength. Fictional character biography. cable marvel power grid Je désire voir encore plus de cable marvel power grid avec des bonnes notes des internautes et pas cher en visitant le site >> ICI The ability to manipulate pure telekinetic force. Cable is an Alpha-mutant, later identified as an Omega-Level Mutant by the Red Skull. cable marvel super powers J’ai envie de voir d’autres images en rapports avec cable marvel super powers avec une bonne appréciation des consommateurs et à un bon prix en cliquant sur le bouton ICI With all the trinkets and magical doodads in the Marvel Universe, it’s easy to overlook the artifacts that aren’t known for offensive capabilities. His powers allow him to pull dust-like particles from matter, especially rock, that he can turn into any object as well as telekinetically manipulate. Subscribe Here! The Marvel Logo, images and all characters that appear on this website and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Oscorp, également connue comme l’Oscorp Industries, est une entreprise américaine de fiction présente dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics.Créé par le scénariste Stan Lee et le dessinateur Jack Kirby, la société apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book The Amazing Spider-Man #37 en juin 1966. For example, Charles Xavier requires the use of the Cerebro tech to increase his abilities to cover the whole planet, though Jean Grey as an Omega-level telepath is able to do the same without Cerebro. Cable's powers and abilities. Rescued by Cable, Hope eventually grew into her powers as an omega-level mutant and vessel for the Phoenix Force. Marvel Heroes Omega - Item Base - Powers - Cable. Cable has tremendous psionic powers, though he prefers to solve problems the simple way: with bullets. Voice Actor(s) Lawrence Bayne Cable is a time traveling mutant, mercenary, and leader of X-Force. Ability to access all recorded mutant powers and use them: Garrison Kane, also known as Weapon X and Kane, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Kane was a former member of Cable's mercenary team called Six Pack. The ability to possess enhanced levels of hand-to-hand fighting skills and excel in various forms of combat. Cable was sent to the future in a bid to save his life when he was infected by a techno-organic virus. Powers - Cable. This week, Atomic Mass Games teased the next set of Marvel… cable marvel super powers J’ai envie de voir d’autres images en rapports avec cable marvel super powers avec une bonne appréciation des consommateurs et à… Doctor Druid's mystical powers are based upon mental abilities. Variation of Telekinesis, Psychic Energy Manipulation and Force Manipulation. KNOWN SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Cable is a mutant whose physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels.

cable marvel powers

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