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    Welcome! Gnaraloo is a rustic oasis nestled along the Coral Coast where the desert meets the sea.
  • Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo...
    Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo... and discover something new!
  • Stay Wild
    Stay Wild Sitting high on an escarpment, with panoramic views of the dunes and the beautiful Indian Ocean, is Gnaraloo Homestead.
  • Gnaraloo bay
    Gnaraloo bay Clean and clear, provides a great day at the beach, swim, snorkel and relax!
  • Conservation
    Conservation We are dedicated to keeping our environment beautiful and protecting the sea turtle populations on our shores.
  • 3  mile Camp
    3 mile Camp Campsite is located right on the beach with excellant snorkeling, just round the corner is the famous tomebstone surf spot
  • Surfing
    Surfing Ningaloo reef we have some of the best and longest waves!
  • Gnaraloo Bay
    Gnaraloo Bay What a great spot for some beach time, , excellant coral and beautiful beach!
  • 3Mile Lagoon
  • Gnaraloo Bay
  • Turtles
  • Nature Bay
  • Monument Cliff
  • Magnolia Shipwreck
  • Tombstones (Tombies)
  • Ningaloo Reef - UNESCO World Heritage Site

attractions-3milelagoon-sanctuaryThis lagoon is the most ideal place for those who want to get more than their feet wet. This small protected area boasts crystal-clear waters - perfect for a leisurely swim. You will regret leaving your snorkel behind as the water is teaming with stunning sea life.

The 3Mile Sanctuary zone is found in this area; please refer to the map to ensure you respect this conservation area.


attractions-gnaraloobay-sanctuaryA short seven kilometer drive from Gnaraloo Homestead, you’ll find yourself at the sandy entrance of Gnaraloo Bay. A small boat launch is your gateway to great fishing out in the deep blue. The shallower turquoise waters are inviting and they will not disappoint. An amazing show of turtles, rays and colourful fish swim through the reef should you choose to follow them on your snorkel or dive. Dry off on the tall, soft sand dunes that border the water.

The Gnaraloo Bay Sanctuary zone is found in this area; please refer to the map to ensure you respect this conservation area.


Turtles Sanctuary zoneSouth of the Tombstones and past the Monument Cliff  is another surf spot - Turtles. Described as “hollow, fast and powerful,” waves at the Turtles are typically anywhere from 1.5 m to 4m.

The Turtles Sanctuary zone is found in this area; please refer to the map to ensure you respect this conservation area.


Turtles Sanctuary

What better way to enjoy nature’s naked beauty than go ‘au natural’ yourself! The clothing-optional Nature Bay can be found along a secluded stretch of shoreline. There is an unsealed access road that will get you there, or if you’re feeling like a stroll, you can walk along the beach, past the point from Gnaraloo Bay.

See Free Beach WA

"We hear so much these days about the loss of free beaches as areas develop or local authorities decide that it is no longer appropriate. While other family clothing-optional beaches have become dominated by groups who don't have the best interests of naturism at heart. So it is really great to be able to spread the news about a new clothing-optional beach in Western Australia that is signposted and sanctioned by the landowner. What is more, beach access is easy with an upgraded access track and car park track, and the beach itself is as good as it gets."
Tony & Kathy Morgan, TAN March 2013


If you want to feel on top of the world, take a short drive from 3Mile Beach and find yourself on the towering tip of the Monument Cliff. This magnificent view is not to be missed - especially for sunset lovers.

Monument Cliffattractions-monumentcliff-rocksMonument Cliff wave

Dive into a little history off the coast and check out the Magnolia wreck. In 1938, this leisure vessel got caught in a strong current and was swallowed by the sea. Kangaroo on the beach

If you’re ready for world-class waves, head out for the best-kept surfing secret on the West coast. The waves are no joke - the strong left barrel breaks over a sharp reef. Experienced surfers will love the challenge.

Check out our surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing pages.

Big swell at Tombstonesattractions-tombstonesSurf Tombstones

In 2011, UNESCO inscribed the Ningaloo Coast on its World Heritage List for its natural beauty and biological diversity. See for yourself - it’s only steps from Gnaraloo’s coast.

The listing of the Ningaloo Coast means the area ranks alongside sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Egypt's Pyramids, Yellowstone National Park, Stonehenge and Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.
Hon Bill Marmion MLA - Minister for Environment Western Australia




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