• Welcome!
    Welcome! Gnaraloo is a rustic oasis nestled along the Coral Coast where the desert meets the sea.
  • Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo...
    Enjoy yourself at Gnaraloo... and discover something new!
  • Stay Wild
    Stay Wild Sitting high on an escarpment, with panoramic views of the dunes and the beautiful Indian Ocean, is Gnaraloo Homestead.
  • Gnaraloo bay
    Gnaraloo bay Clean and clear, provides a great day at the beach, swim, snorkel and relax!
  • Conservation
    Conservation We are dedicated to keeping our environment beautiful and protecting the sea turtle populations on our shores.
  • 3  mile Camp
    3 mile Camp Campsite is located right on the beach with excellant snorkeling, just round the corner is the famous tomebstone surf spot
  • Surfing
    Surfing Ningaloo reef we have some of the best and longest waves!
  • Gnaraloo Bay
    Gnaraloo Bay What a great spot for some beach time, , excellant coral and beautiful beach!

101 Things to do

01 Keep a look out

101thingstodo-01-keep-a-lookoutThroughout your stay do regular visual sweeps of the horizon and the land around you. You are most likely to see pods of dolphins surfing the waves, manta rays dancing their way along the back of the reef, a curious turtle having a bit of a squiz around (or if you're very lucky, cruising up the beach to lay a nest* !), schools of tuna generating a white water maelstrom with seabirds chasing whatever they are chasing and last but not least - mighty whales doing full breaches of the ocean. On land you can see emus, kangaroos, eagles and goannas as well as our very own sheep and goats.
* please ask for information on turtle interaction for turtle watchers so our turtles are not disturbed !

02 Do a night beach walk

101thingstodo-02-night-beach-walkGrab your torch and head North from 3Mile along the beach after dark. You may see a variety of fish and rays in the shallows, and you will definitely see hundreds of amazing Ghost Crabs. They come out nightly and are both interesting and hilarious with their antics. But look out for those googly eyes watch your toes with interest.

03 Hike between 3Mile and the Homestead

101thingstodo-03-hike-3mile-homesteadIdeally, it will be a low tide. That way you can walk along the beach the entire way prior to making your way over the dunes to the Homestead (the operational hub of Gnaraloo Station.) The hike takes a comfortable 2 hours (or 4 return) A good option is for 2 people to head off from 3Mile while 2 others drive to the Homestead and set off from there. That way you can meet halfway – everyone gets to see it all and the car finds its way home.

04 Visit Gnaraloo Bay

Gnaraloo Bay  is a pristine white beach that stretches for miles. There is a surf break off Gnaraloo Point, fantastic snorkeling directly off the beach and there is no problem finding a private stretch all to yourself. There is excellent beach fishing  from 6 Mile and when the sea breeze comes in at 3 Mile - it’s offshore at Gnaraloo Bay. For joy - For joy.

05 Check out Monument Cliffs


Geographically - the cliffs are magnificent  - however - on a big swell you will witness some of the most awesome perspectives of the power of the ocean that you are ever likely to see. After all - it was the waves that forged these cliffs and it truly is a sight to behold. Sunset is the best time to be there.

06 Snorkel the 3Mile Lagoon

The Lagon  at 3Mile Camp is nothing other than spectacularly special. Not only does it form part of the Ningaloo Marine Park - it is also within a sanctuary zone. A beautiful white sandy beach leads you straight into the lagoon. It’s like we have our own aquarium. Staghorn, fan and brain coral abound as does a prolific sea life that includes a multitude of fish species, turtles, sponges, shellfish, squids and rays. The lagoon is protected from the swell so the visibility is usually better than good and it’s an awesome and safe spot to introduce both yourselves and your children to the wonders of the Ningaloo Marine Park.

07 Check out Tombstones

101thingstodo-07-tombstonesYou don’t have to be a surfer, wave sailor or kiteboarder to appreciate the talent and skills of those that travel from all corners of the globe to experience the wave at Tombstones. On a global scale it is a serious wave and one that needs to be treated with a great deal of respect. Professionals in all 3 disciplines travel to Gnaraloo to enjoy the wave and train here during their respective off seasons from the world circuit.

08 Catch a fish

101thingstodo-08-catch-fishWe have been witness to some of the most hopelessly equipped, unlikely and inexperienced fisher people reel in the catch of their lives here. It’s really not very hard to supplement your diet with a fish that would cost you a fortune in a restaurant and there is nothing quite like catching your own feast. There is a bulk of information on where (and where not) and when to go, up at the 3 Mile shop as well as bait and a limited supply of tackle. Your worst case scenario is that you might spend a couple of hours in quiet contemplation on one of the most pristine coastlines in the country. It sort of makes it OK to come home empty handed - however unlikely.

09 Do something for the environment

101thingstodo-09-environmentIt’s not inconceivable that you can leave a place better than you found it. At 3Mile we have attempted to define walk trails and to keep the area free of all refuse. As a result of some peoples ignorant behaviour and sometimes due to the prevailing winds it is not unusual to find bits of plastic attached to a bush, a stubby top lying in the dirt etc etc. We’re not trying to get out of work here but it can be a gratifying and fun experience to have a busy bee around your camp. Hunting out those illusive bits of alfoil and plastic that not only detract from the whole Gnaraloo experience but are also bound to show up in what might otherwise have been a perfect photo.

Read more about our Recycling Program.

10 Roast a marshmallow or pop some corn

101thingstodo-10-roast-marshmallow-pop-cornThere are so few places left on he Australian Coastline where campfires are permitted that a treat like a campfire roasted marshmallow is something to be cherished. If you haven’t brought any with you - there is usually an ample supply at the 3 Mile shop.

11 Experience a Gnaraloo Full Moon

101thingstodo-11-experience-gnaraloo-full-moonThere are so many great vantage points to see a full moon at Gnaraloo you will need to have lots of film and/or lots of space on your digital to do it justice. Imagine - the moon rising over the desert and descending over the Ningaloo Reef/Indian Ocean. You will tell your grandchildren about it - and you can save your torch batteries for a few nights.

OK, OK - so we haven't got 101 yet

but well done for reading this far !

Come to Gnaraloo and find some more ways to enjoy this fantastic place and then tell us about them. Let's face it - most of you have been here before - give us your ideas !

All submissions to - if your idea makes the 101 list you will receive a Gnaraloo goody bag so please include your name and address in your email.


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You can support the conservation initiatives of "the Gnaraloo Station Trust" by spending your next holiday at Gnaraloo, as a percentage of all Gnaraloo’s income funds these initiatives to ensure their operation and continuation.

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Ningaloo Turtles

There are a number of community programs currently monitoring turtle nesting beaches throughout Australia.

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